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Aleutsk Valley

You may want to consider putting Liara onto your Squat at this point if you haven’t already. She’ll have a lot of extra dialogue at the end of Noveria, and this is the last convenient time for you to do so.

Once you’re outside in the Mako, you’ll quickly witness firsthand the terrible blizzard everyone’s been talking about. Clearly, with a level one hazard (for coldness), you won’t be able to venture outside of the Mako for too long, or venture away from the vehicle too far, but that’s okay. The Mako provides the only reasonable way to make your way from point A (the garage) to point B (the other garage) on the map above.

Eventually, as you approach the first of two major tunnels on the passageway, you’ll run into some Geth resistance (be sure to grab the Crate before heading towards them). Powerful gun turrets supplement the mobile fire of Geth troopers running around the terrain. Try to keep your distance, focusing first on the powerful gun turret, and then turning your attention to everyone else, remembering of course that your Mako takes damage just as you do… only, it can take a lot more of it. While rockets can hit the Mako without much happening, eventually your craft will really be hurting. So be careful.

When the enemies outside of the tunnel are slain (along with the pesky shields that were guarding them), it’s time to head into the tunnel. Before you do turn around and get the crate and medical kit on the backside of the burned out Mako. Because the tunnel leaves little room to maneuver, we recommend braving the cold, getting out of the Mako and gunning the enemies ahead the old-fashioned way. Keep an eye out for rockets coming from ahead, dodging them the best you can, and take out the Geth waiting for you there. Once they’re killed, you can then backtrack to the Mako, jump in, and drive it through the rest of the tunnel, but not before grabbing the two Upgrade Kits from within.


You should be pretty prepared for all the rest that’s waiting for you. More enemies will be strewn around the landscape once outside of the first tunnel, so methodically and carefully eliminate them all before proceeding, using your radar to the best of your ability in order to make sure each and every last Geth enemy is slain. Two Locked Crates can also be found en route to the second tunnel where, again, more enemies will need to be killed at the entrance. Utilize the same techniques on this tunnel as we did on the last to otherwise get through it safely.

Once through the second tunnel, it’s time to power your way down the rest of the path towards the entrance to Peak 15‘s Garage. Grab the contents of the Medical Kit on your left once out of the last tunnel, and then speed along the pathway. Use our map to identify stray enemies as you go, most of which being gun turrets nestled onto the rockface lining the snowy path. The last of the substantial enemy resistance will then be found guarding the entrance to the garage itself. Like you did so many times before, use the Mako’s two guns to take them out in the way deemed best for you. Then, head into the garage. Finally — we’re at Peak 15.

Inside Peak 15

Run down the initial pathway towards the actual garage itself, as seen in the map above. When you do, you will quickly become aware that you’re not alone. Far from it. Not only are some lesser, weaker Geth roaming around the garage, but so too is a large Geth (called a Juggernaut, fittingly) that packs an extremely powerful punch. Taking out this foe should be your primary objective here, before you even think about doing anything else.

The Geth Juggernaut is not only powerful, but he’s aggressive as well. This necessitates that you take him out quickly, because it only takes a couple of hits from his powerful arsenal to send you to the next life. There are explosives strewn throughout the area that you can use on him, but the most practical way of eliminating him is to simply aim all weapons on him and fire away. Just don’t let those weapons overheat, and, of course, take proper cover to avoid being injured or killed.

When the Juggernaut is downed, you can then run around and take out the rest of the smaller enemies. The aforementioned explosives are a great way to kill them as well. Keep an eye on your radar for red dots — when they’ve disappeared, so too has the enemy threat. You can then use the map above to find item-holding features in the area, all of which are on the raised platform adjacent to the garage’s main floor. Run up the stairs to reach this pathway, and explore it fully to find everything you need.

Eventually, you’ll leave the garage area, but not before you can do some more item-hunting. Using the map above, be sure to locate not only the Secure Crate and Upgrade Kit from the pathway, but also the Secure Storage Locker and another Upgrade Kit from the room off of this pathway. Then, you can head up to the administration level of Peak 15. You better believe more fighting will be found up here.

It won’t take long for hostilities to erupt as soon as you emerge from the corridor after the elevator brings you up. The Geth occupying this floor, however, are pretty weak (though the enemies you’ll face shortly are much more powerful), and you shouldn’t have any problems taking this initial onslaught out.

On the lower floor where you begin, there’s plenty of cover to use, including lots of overturned tables and other objects that you can hide behind. As you begin working your way up towards the second floor (where a majority of the items are found, according to our map above), the enemies will become much harder. You’ll fight aggressive and powerful Rachni up here, and you’ll need to be ready for them. You’ll have to fight them in equally aggressive ways in order to fell them before they damage you. And when they damage you, they also poison you, so be extra careful.

The second floor has some goods to grab, including those from a Secure Weapons Locker and a Medical Kit. A computer terminal, the Gravitic Weapons Research, can also be examined for some extra experience points, as well as a new Codex entry. Another Terminal  is located in the southwest corner of the northernmost room. After decryption, it reveals a message log from administrator Tartakovsky about the location of Dahlia and the mercs and thus updates the UNC: Asari Diplomacy side quest in your journal. Consider grabbing all of this loot as soon as you can, but you’ll need to watch your back as you exit these rooms on the second floor.

Why watch your back? Well, the last of the Rachni on this floor will be waiting for you, angry and hungry. They’re just as aggressive as the first time you met them in this room, and yes, their melee attacks will damage you and poison you, so gamer beware! When you’ve finally felled the last of the enemies, you can then make way to the next elevator that’ll lead you even higher into Peak 15.

Computers Damaged

As you work your way into this small area, you’ll be greeted almost immediately by Rachni Workers, small mechanical creatures that will explode when they get too close to you. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure to kill them from afar. Though they are small, the red targeting system in Mass Effect will give away their location, as will the red dots on your radar. When they’re eliminated, you can then go and investigate the VI unit on the far side of the corridor. You’ll quickly realize, when you do, that there’s more to this puzzle than you thought.

To activate the VI (which stands for Virtual Intelligence in this case, not the number six), you’ll have to examine the Power Junction near the elevator. Once you do that, you can then work with the VI to activate it fully, though you should also grab the contents of the Technician Kit en route.

How to Solve the Memory Core Puzzle – Puzzle Solution

Once you’ve worked your way into the Memory Core of the Mira VI, you’ll be presented with somewhat of a quandary. Will you squander a hundred Omni-Gels to activate the VI automatically? Or will you try to hack it yourself? Well, if you weren’t using this guide to help you, the former would almost definitely be the solution.

But since you have our guide, we can give you the hacking solution (which is extensive). Don’t worry about how the process works. Just insert the following button sequences, pressing two and then waiting a second, then pressing two more, and so on and so forth. So, if it says X, Y, X, B, for instance, then press X, then Y, then wait a second, then press X, then B, and so on. Now, here’s the solution:

  • Xbox: X, Y, X, B, Y, B, X, Y, B, X, B, Y, X, Y, X, B, Y, B, Y, X, B, X, Y, B, X, Y, X, B, Y, B
  • Playstation: Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle
  • PC: 1 > 2, 1 > 3, 2 > 3, 1 > 2, 3 > 1, 3 > 2, 1 > 2, 1 > 3, 2 > 3, 2 > 1, 3 > 1, 2 > 3, 1 > 2, 1 > 3, 2 > 3

After putting in that sequence (or using your Omni-Gels), the Mira VI will be accessible from the core, and you’ll actually be able to speak with “her” extensively as a result. Pick her brain about everything before moving onward. You have a choice here. You can either head to the roof or to the reactor. Both must be visited in order to get off of Peak 15.

This walkthrough heads to the roof first, and then the reactor, but keep in mind you can do it in whichever order you choose.

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