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Welcome to the IGN walkthrough and wiki guide for Returnal on PS5. This page explains how to get the Grappling Hook, also known as the Icarian Grapnel in Returnal’s world.

Collecting the Icarian Grapnel is necessary for you to reach the third biome. You find it at the end of the Crimson Wastes after you’ve beaten Ixion.

You’ll face Ixion on the mountain summit at the very end of Returnal’s second biome, the Crimson Wastes. Like the other bosses, the Ixion fight covers three separate “phases” that you’ll need to complete as you whittle down each of Ixion’s three health bars. Unlike the others, Ixion is quite unpredictable, making it easily one of the toughest boss battles in Returnal.

Visit the full Ixion Boss Guide for more info on how to defeat this capricious boss.

Collect the Grappling Hook

Once you’ve beaten Ixion, you’re left standing atop the platform surrounded by some odd-looking alien corpses. Examine the corpse nearby by holding the triangle button, and you will pick up the Icarian Grapnel.

Congratulations on getting this highly useful piece of permanent equipment. You can now swing to your heart’s content!

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