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Legendary Weapons and Armor are incredibly powerful and rare gear. They are hard to come across in the main storyline, but there are many other ways to get Legendary rewards.

World Tiers

Progressing through World Tiers 12-15 gives players Legendary rewards.

Increasing your Challenge Tier and getting a Gold rank increases your chances of earning Legendary rewards. Since Farming is not much of an option in the story, Expeditions are the prime place.

Tiago at the Outriders’ Camp

Tiago sells Legendary Weapons and Armor, but they require players to be Level 45 minimum. 

Hunter and Wanted Side Quests


It’s best to do these side quests after completing the main story. After the main storyline, your character stays in the Outriders’ Camp. Visit Channa to access the World Map and check out the side quests. Finishing 10 Hunter and 10 Wanted missions gives you a random Legendary Weapon and Armor reward. 

The Outrider’s Legacy Side Quest

The Outrider’s Legacy is a side quest found in Trench Town. This mission rewards a Legendary item. Do this quest after finishing the main story. You’ll automatically be given your rewards when you complete this quest.

Big Iron Side Quest

Similar to the Outrider’s Legacy quest, the Big Iron quest in Desolate Fort also rewards players with a Legendary item. This a must-do mission after the main story. When you complete Big Iron, you’ll be able to select a Legendary weapon reward from the 3 options.

The Forgotten Chapel is a secret mini-quest that gives players access to a hidden loot chest with a Legendary item.

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