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SPOILERS: Because what we’re going to talk about here gets into spoiler territory, and because you might not necessarily want to know what the secrets are if you accidentally stumbled upon this page, we’re letting you know that everything below is a spoiler.

All Cheats in It Takes Two

Unfortunately, there are no cheats to be found in It Takes Two.

All Secrets in It Takes Two

There are four main secrets, or easter eggs, to be found in It Takes Two.

A Way Out Easter Egg

After going past the Tank Brothers minigame in the Pillow Fort, you’ll see two pathways: one that leads up and one that leads forward. The one leading up leads to a small room with two action figures from a game called A Way Out, which happens to be the game made by Hazelight before It Takes Two. Ground pound the circle in front of them to hear their, erm, catch phrases…if you will.

“F**K The Oscars” Josef Fares Speech Easter Egg


During the Spaced Out section of Rose’s Room, you’ll reach some space portals, each with their own puzzles to solve inside. There’s a floor with three portals and a second floor with three portals. On the second floor is an Orange Portal. Head inside and here, use the orange bounce pad to jump up to the pillow pads to the right of it. At the very top, you’ll find a radio satellite.

Looking straight ahead, do what is basically a 90-degrees turn to the right and the transmission bar will start to fill up. Look for an area in the stars that causes the bar to reach the red at the top. You should begin to hear the “F**k the Oscars” speech made by Josef Fares during 2017’s The Game Awards show.

The Legend of Zelda Easter Egg

  • Location: Cuckoo Clock: Gates of Time (in the main village section)

Once in the main village section of this level, head over to the water where a half-circle bridge is. Look to the side of it for a paddleboat that Cody and May can interact with. Both of them should get in the boat and press RT/R2 until they reach a house far down along the river. Head inside and you’ll receive the Force Triangulated achievement/trophy. Inside, there are a bunch of pots and breaking them reveals that there are some green rupees, errr, green diamonds inside.

This is a reference to The Legend of Zelda series both in use of green rupees and Link’s inability to not destroy every pot in sight.

Mario Kart Rainbow Road Easter Egg

When the Turn Up section begins, you’ll be in a room that looks very similar to Rainbow Road, a track frequently found in Mario Kart games. You’ll even slide down the track as if you were driving a go-kart. Furthermore, if you fall off, Dr. Hakim will grab you up like Lakitu in Mario Kart and gently place you down on the track (it even takes a second or two longer than you’d like, just like it does in Mario Kart!).

Cody will even go so far as to say something along the lines of “this places looks very familiar.”

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