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Pillow Fort

This is the first chapter of Rose’s Room and as the name suggests, it’s a pillow fort. The pillows are quite bouncy and fluffy. Feel free to explore the area around here and when you’re ready, proceed forward.

Pretty quickly, you should hear the tap of a tambourine nearby. The first of SEVEN minigames in Rose’s Room is up ahead.

Walk forward and when you first see some pillows that you can climb up by jumping, do so and you’ll find the tambourine floating above. It’s a minigame called Tank Brothers.

Minigame: Tank Brothers


To play Tank Brothers, both Cody and May must interact with the gameboy-like handhelds laying on the ground by the tambourine. When the game begins, you’ll both be in charge of a tank. The objective is to hit the other player three times. Move the tank with the right stick, control its aim (the small white circle on the ground ahead of you determines where the tank projectile will land) and RT/R2 is what’s pressed to shoot.

The first to hit the other player dead-on with three projectiles wins.

Pillow Fort Continued

When you’re ready, feel free to explore the area. There’s a lava lamp you can interact with — this isn’t necessary by any means, but everyone loves a good lava lamp — and a globe of constellations that can be spun. The way forward is beyond this globe. Head around the corner by the globe and you’ll see what we see below on the right:

Up ahead is a pathway that leads up and one that leads forward. The one leading up leads to a small room with two action figures from a game called A Way Out, which happens to be the game made by Hazelight before It Takes Two. Ground pound the circle in front of them to hear their, erm, catch phrases…if you will.

After that, continue through the pathway forward and you’ll enter a large room. There’s a lava lamp and a constellation globe to interact with, if you’d like. When you’re ready, interact with the joysticks in front of the TV. May and Cody will need to successfully complete a number of minigames on screen to continue.

Here’s the solution to each in the order they appear:

  • Make the two words spell Override.

  • Connect the two bars in such a way that a complete line from left to right is completed.

  • Move the smaller person to the open slot on the left and the taller person on the open slot on the right.

  • Move the two lines to create a smile on the face on the right.

At the end, you’ll need to press Y/Triangle repeatedly. It might feel like you can win…but you can’t. The counterhack will be successful and it’s then that a cutscene will begin. You’ll meet an astronaut baboon here. His name is Moon Baboon. This brings us to the Space Room, otherwise known as the next chapter titled Spaced Out.

Spaced Out

This is the next main area of Rose’s Room and May and Cody end up there after running into Moon Baboon. As you’d expect, the schtick of this fight is space themed.

May has boots that allow her to walk upside down on special yellow pathways (pictured below) and Cody can shrink himself by pressing LT/L2 or grow himself by pressing RT/R2 on command. This is the majority of what May and Cody will be doing during the Spaced Out chapter.

Ahead of you is a door made of fire. Neither May nor Cody can pass through it for obvious reasons. To proceed, May must walk up the yellow pathway to reach the ceiling. She can then walk to the flame door and pull it up — Cody can then shrink down and walk under the small opening.

Continue forward to the big red button — Cody needs to embiggen himself and ground pound this button. This reveals a path forward. Up ahead is a robot.

Cody must now shrink himself down to the smallest side and crawl inside the robot by going up its right arm. Inside is a battery he can push into place. After this, May should pull the lever on the front of the robot. This powers up an energy field that will take you up the cylindrical pathway behind the robot.

If you walk around the perimeter of this cylinder, there are three rockets to launch. Nothing really happens, but it’s fun to shoot them off. There’s also a security camera that an embiggened Cody can destroy should you want.

When you’re ready, jump into the cylinder and press A/X to rise.

Keep an eye out — there’s a middle layer with what appears to be a bunch of portals around the perimeter. If you see that, you’ve gone too high. Instead, go back down a bit and look for the opening pictured below:

There’s a minigame through the portal in there.

Minigame: Spacewalk

To play Spacewalk, go through the portal. In the room this takes you to, Cody and May must press Y/Triangle on the small squares by the tambourine. This starts the game.

Basically, just jump onto the many floating squares around you. Doing so claims the square for you and gives you one point. You can claim one your opponent has claimed to take that point from them.

Whoever has the most points after 60 seconds wins.

Spaced Out Continued

When you’re done with the minigame, head back out to the floating tube and float up until you see some more portals. There are yellow stars scattered about — interact with them to blow them up.

You don’t get anything for this, but it looks and sounds cool. When you’re ready, head into the portal with the cups and plates floating above it.

Space Portals

Below are walkthroughs for the three portals Cody and Max must go through to proceed forward.

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Green Portal

In this portal, the game becomes 2D. Both Cody and May should walk forward and jump from wall to wall to reach the top. Up here, May needs to walk along the yellow path on the left to begin walking on the ceiling. Both of you should proceed once May is on the ceiling. At the lasers, both May and Cody should pull their levers. This causes the platform they’re on to move — jump over the lasers.

After that, you’ll reach three red and yellow accordions, Cody must ground pound the first one and then stand on top of the second one (farthest right). May must jump from the first to the second and then ground pound it. This makes it rise high enough that Cody can jump to the third. He must ground pound it so that May can proceed forward. She’ll need to crouch to keep moving right and Cody will need to shrink.

After this, you’ll see a wooden seesaw. Cody and May need to ground pound the left and right side of it at the same time. This flips them — May will be up top and Cody will be down low.

Proceed forward and ride the rails to the next section of this 2D puzzle.

When you see a large wheel, Cody must embiggen and rotate the wheel. May needs to stand on the red platform in the top right corner (with a yellow spring) because Cody’s wheel rotating will “charge” up the spring.

Charge it up to where it’s at in the screenshot below:

Press B/Circle to release it — May needs to move to the right to catch onto the ceiling without hitting the fire. Now Cody can jump over the fire and the couple can proceed forward. Push the blocks in front of you all the way to a coffee cup. May should then ground pound the coffee cup so that Cody can jump from wall to wall to get over the obstacle before him.

He needs to shrink to go under the blocks in front of him after that. After walking to the right a bit, Cody will stumble upon a grappling hook he can hold. May must grapple to it and then Cody must walk to the right, pulling May along with him.

Take her to the next grappling hook and then Cody should let go of the previous one and hook onto the same one as May. Continue swinging to the right to reach another walkway. Head to the right for some more grappling.

At the end of this grappling, you’ll discover another robot. Cody should shrink and step inside of it to push the battery in and May should pull the lever when the battery is in.

This brings both of them back to the portal. Congrats! You’ve completed the first of three portals.

Let’s tackle the red portal now.

Red Portal

In here, you’ll see a bunch of rails. Cody and May can jump onto the rails from either the left or the right.

When they’re near a planet floating in space, they must jump from the rail to it. Platform from planet to planet until you reach the closest rail.

Hop on and continue riding it until you reach the large square arena with a floating planet above what looks like half a planet stuck to the ground.

May needs to climb onto the red planet hanging by a string in front of the green planet. Cody must embiggen and push that planet, while May is on top of it, toward the other hanging planet above the half-planet stuck to the ground.

May must jump from the planet she’s on to the other planet hanging. Cody should then push that one so that May can jump onto the tower nearby.

May should follow the yellow path around to the blue side of the tower with the red buttons on it.

So here’s what’s going on here


Cody should see a blue wall with stars on it. May can ground pound the red buttons and each corresponds to one of the blue rectangles on the blue wall Cody is looking at. May needs to ground pound the red buttons to cause the rectangles to stick out a bit, at which point, Cody can jump onto them. May should ground pound red buttons all the way up while Cody is jumping from rectangle to rectangle until he reaches the top.

Up top, Cody needs to shrink and head into the robot to push the battery in so that May can pull the lever. This completes the Red Portal.

Back outside, head to the Purple Portal.

Purple Portal

In here, proceed forward and you’ll see a Tesla ball.

Both Cody and May must jump on top of it and roll it to the other side.

On the other side, May must use the purple bounce pads by the other Tesla ball to jump and land on top of said ball. Cody needs to embiggen and push this ball to the wall along the path.

May can jump from the ball to the top of the wall and hit a switch to open the wall.

Cody can now push the ball through, but he must stop and let May get back on after going through. Cody should push the ball all the way to the end of the path so that May can jump off and climb up the wall with her anti-gravity shoes. Next to the robot is a see-through cube.

May must drag it down so that Cody can jump onto it. May can’t drag the cube back up so Cody must shrink down so that she can.

May needs to take Cody to the side of the robot so he can head into it and push the battery in. May should then pull the lever on the outside of the robot. This completes the Purple Portal!

Spaced Out Continued

After completing all three portals, Cody and May should go to the two yellow wheels around the circle. Both must spin the wheels until the stars above the wheels fill up. Upon doing so, a cutscene will begin.

After this, float up to the next layer and you’ll find three more puzzles awaiting you. But first, let’s play another minigame.

Minigame: Laser Tennis

Just like the one we previously found, it can be found halfway up the float tube. As you’re heading up from the first three portals to the next set of portals, look for an opening. It leads to a portal where a minigame can be found.

Head through the portal and walk forward. Both Cody and May should interact with the machine ahead of them to start the match.

On the ground is a bunch of squares. When a square lights up, step on it. This sends a laser to your opponent’s side. They must jump over the laser.

Send as many lasers as squares you can step on to make your opponent’s side complete chaos. The player whose health bar is depleted first is the loser. After this, leave the portal and head up to the next set of three portals.

Let’s head into the Grey Portal.

Grey Portal

Inside the Grey Portal, you’ll find yourself in a short hallway.

Cody should shrink himself and walk forward to the orange and red platform. On the side of it will be a small door that a shrunken cody can fit through.

This places him inside a ball that must be shot to the other end.

May is the one doing the shooting. Behind the ball is a handle she can grab. Here’s what’s important about this:

LT/L2 is how you toggle the walls and RT/R2 is how you shoot the ball. Move the ball to the right where a clear path is and toggle the walls so they’re down. Press RT/R2 to shoot Cody. At this point, Cody can angle left or right, but May must watch Cody’s screen to see the walls coming up so that she can toggle them on and off in time.

At the end of a hole for Cody to line the ball up with. That’s the target.

Do this and a door by May will open up. Head through it.

Inside of here, May needs to climb up the yellow pathway on the left. Meanwhile, Cody needs to go right and across the small bridge toward the umbrella. Cody must take control of the umbrella and grab May with it. He should then move her to the anti-gravity square that her boots can stick to right above the one she was grabbed from.

Now, she can walk along a new yellow path that leads to two pillars with red strips on the inside sides of them. Cody needs to jump back and forth between these sides to reach the top, but there are lasers stopping him.

May needs to follow the path around to a giant, white button on the left pillar (if you’re looking at it from the front — closest to the entrance of this room). That pillar disables the lasers, which means Cody can now jump his way up.

Topside, he should follow the path to the robot, shrink himself down, head into the robot, and push the battery in.

Meanwhile, May should be traversing over to the front of the robot so she can pull the lever when Cody pushes the battery in. This completes this portal. Head back out and enter the Orange Portal.

Orange Portal

Inside the Orange Portal, you’ll see a number of pillow towers. To the right is the one you should climb for a fun Moon Baboon easter egg and an achievement/trophy. Walk forward and you’ll see an orange bounce pad.

Use it to jump onto the pillow tower right beside it and then climb your way up to the very top of this tower.

You’ll find a radio receiver that can be aimed at the stars to pick up transmissions. Aim to the left and you’ll see the bar turn white and then red. The closer it is to red, the closer it is to picking up a transmission. When it’s fully red, you’ll hear Moon Baboon talking to what sounds like a space station.

Now try and do a 180 and aim toward the right side. You’ll pick up on another transmission and it’s actually a recording of Josef Fares at The Game Awards giving his now-infamous F*ck The Oscars speech.

Continue looking around and you’ll find two more transmissions: one of Dr. Hakim wondering if May and Cody are cooperating and one of Rose remembering fonder times with her parents. After finding all four transmissions, you’ll receive the ____ achievement/trophy.

After this, drop down and proceed forward down the large, white mattress. Both Cody and May should jump across the orange bounce pads to reach the other end.

Let’s grab the Look At Him Go achievement/trophy real quick


On this seesaw, Cody should shrink himself and May should ground pound the other side opposite of the one shrunken Cody is on. This will launch him into the stars, literally, and kill him, but it will also unlock the Look at Him Go achievement/trophy.

Here, Cody should embiggen and ground pound on one side of the seesaw while May is on the other. This will launch her into the air and onto the springy platform next to the seesaw.

Now, Cody should shrink down to normal size and sit on one end of the seesaw. May needs to ground pound from the spring she’s on to the seesaw. This launches Cody high enough to land on the spring. Cody should embiggen on this to bring the springy platform down to May so she can get on. Now, Cody can shrink all the way down to bring both May and himself up.

May must get off first before Cody embiggens to his normal size. Then, he can get off. Head forward and hang a right. Jump across the floating mattresses to reach the other side. Here, Cody must shrink down to fit through the door and May must climb up the yellow pathways to her left and right side — either side works.

Through the door, Cody can grow back to normal size. Head forward and grapple onto the hook. Doing so will unlock a hook on the top side. May can walk around on her path to reach this hook and she should grapple to it. Now, both need to jump from grapple to grapple, unlocking the other hook for the other player.

If Cody goes first, then May can hook on and after that, May will have to unlock the next one first so Cody can hook on. Do this to reach the other side and then follow the pathway to two umbrella hooks that take you to the robot.

Cody should shrink down, walk inside the robot, and push the battery in, and then May should pull the lever. This completes this portal. One more to go. Let’s head to the other Grey Portal with the Rubik’s Cube above it.

Grey Portal With the Cube Above It

Inside, you’ll find a robot with some electricity sparking to the right of it. You should notice that the left side doesn’t have any electricity — it does need it, however.

Your objective in this portal is to locate additional lightning bolts to connect the electricity to and power up the left side of the robot.

  • First Lightning Bolt: To the right of the electricity, you’ll see a mattress pathway. Head down it — Cody needs to shrink himself all the way down and head into the spaceship.

    • He should walk up the pathway until, dodging the rotating lasers inside, until he reaches a red button at the end. Ground pound it to reveal a lightning bolt. Bring it to the electricity and place it slightly to the left of the bolts electrified with electricity. It will pick up a charge. The goal is to create a chain of charges to the other side.

  • Second Lightning Bolt: After that, look around for what appears to be three cubes switching from left to right. Your objective, as either Cody or May, is to jump from cube to cube to reach the lightning bolt on the other side. Wait for the first one to flip to the right and then jump on it. Jump from it to the second one, but only after the second one hits the right side, and then do the same for the third cube. Grab the lightning bolt and make your way back to the chain of electricity. Add this bolt to the chain.

  • Third Lightning Bolt: To the right of the location where we found the second bolt is a pathway only May can traverse. Have her do that until she reaches a dome with a third lightning bolt inside. Cody must embiggen and ground pound the giant red button in front of the robot to open up the dome. It closes quickly so make sure May is at the ready to dive inside. She should grab the bolt, Cody should open the dome, and May can return to the topside and add the bolt to the chain.

  • Fourth Lightning Bolt: The next two bolts can be found behind the robot. There is a seesaw behind the robot. Cody should go to the left side and shrink himself all the way down. May should go to the right side and stand on that side of the seesaw. Cody should be high enough at this point to walk through the small, red door. Inside is a rocket ship — shrunken Cody should enter it and it will fly him up to the top where a bolt awaits him. Bring the bolt back down (you can just jump down) and add it to the chain.

  • Fifth Lightning Bolt: Now, Cody should go back to the left side of the seesaw and embiggen himself to his maximum size while May stands on the other side of the seesaw. This will get her high enough to reach a new platform where a fifth bolt can be found. May should grab that and jump down to the ground below. Add that bolt to the chain.

  • Sixth Lightning Bolt: The sixth and final bolt is the easiest. Phew! To the right of the location of the first bolt is a rail. Ride the rail, grappling to the hooks along the way, to reach the sixth bolt at the end.

Bring this bolt back to the chain, place it on the metal circle on the mattresses on the left side of the robot and the robot will power on.

Now Cody can shrink himself down, walk into the robot, and push the battery in. May should pull the lever at that point. This completes this portal. Congrats!

Head out and rotate the two wheels like we previously did. Moon Baboon will mention something about sealing the control room.

Jump into the anti-gravity cylinder and float your way up.

At the top, you’ll find a button that can be pressed down and two circles above some pipes. One person should stand on one of the circles above the pipes and the other should ground pound the big button that can be pressed down. Standing on the circles stops the red pieces of the pipe they’re above from moving.

Ground pound the big button to rotate the red pipe on the left into place and then have the other person stand on the circle above it to hold it into place.

After that, ground pound the button again to move the red pipe on the right into place. This reveals a second ground pound-able button on the right, but first, have Cody shrink and jump up to the battery on the left. He should push it in and May should ground pound the button on the far right. A cutscene will begin shortly after. After that cutscene, it’s time for a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Moon Baboon

When this fight begins, Moon Baboon will shoot a laser at either Cody or May and he will continue to shoot this laser. It damages whoever it hits and it will follow that person infinitely…unless you shoot it back to him.

To do that, the person not being chased by a laser should run around the perimeter looking for a blueish-white button. When they stand on it, a pillar will rise with a glowing orb in it. The goal is to get the laser to hit that orb. To do that, the person being chased by the laser must run over and stand behind the pillar.

That will damage about a ninth of Moon Baboon’s health. Once he’s damaged, lasers will shoot out of the middle of the stage and rotate in a circle around it.

Jump over these like jump rope and when Moon Baboon throws grenades your way, make sure to get out of the red circle they form as these explosions will hurt you. Dodge the explosions and lasers until Moon Baboon shoots his lasers at either May or Cody again.

If the pillar rises extra high when stood on, look behind it — there will likely be a yellow pathway that May can walk up. She must walk up it to get the laser pointed high enough to hit the orb in the pillar.

After taking out a third of Moon Baboon’s health, a small cutscene will play.

After this, Moon Baboon will fly to the ground. Cody needs to embiggen and press Y/Triangle on the UFO Moon Baboon is flying in. Press Y repeatedly to lift it up and while it’s lifted, May must run under and tap Y/Triangle on the laser to rip it off.

This begins phase two of the fight.

During this phase, Moon Baboon will shoot homing missiles as Cody and May. These missiles go fast and the most guaranteed way to dodge them is by repeatedly dashing away. Eventually, they’ll stop moving and fall to the ground. At that point, either Cody or May must press Y/Triangle on the rocket to ride it and crash it right into Moon Baboon.

It’s important to note that on the rocket, the controls will be inverted so be prepared for that.

Rinse and repeat this until you take out a second third of Moon Baboon’s health.

A short cutscene will play and Moon Baboon’s UFO will crash to the ground. Cody should jump onto the open hatch and then shrink down to enter the UFO. Inside, he’ll need to follow a path to the top where the eject button is.

Cody will need to jump over platforms, dodge lasers, run through swirling tunnels, and jump up an electrified wall (jump up it when the electricity briefly turns off) to reach the end, at which point, he needs to ground pound the big eject button.

Meanwhile, May will be in the arena where she’ll have to dodge lasers roaming around the stage, grenade explosions going off, and ground pounds from Moon Baboon’s UFO. Her only goal is to not die.

After ejecting Moon Baboon, May will hop into the UFO and the final stage of the fight will begin.

In this stage, Cody will be in charge of a radar and the UFO’s missile system. May will be in charge of flying. On Cody’s radar, you’ll see an arrow. This is how you find Moon Baboon. Follow the arrow to him. When you get close enough, May will see him down below and Cody will see a small baboon shape with three hearts over it on the radar.

Cody must move his target onto the baboon on the radar and press RT/R2 to shoot it. Do this three times to complete the fight. After this, sit back and enjoy a lengthy cutscene. This concludes the Spaced Out chapter of Rose’s Room.

Up next is the Hopscotch chapter.


When you first begin the Hopscotch section of the game, head forward until you see some blocks to jump over. On the other side is a playmat that looks like a road for cars to drive on and there should be a car nearby. One person should pull the car back and the other person should sit in the car. Release the car and drive it up the red ramp in this area so that the car flies through the hoop floating in the air by way of a balloon. This unlocks an achievement/trophy.

After that, in the area with the road mat, look to the left and you’ll see a cowboy hat. Jump up to it and a tambourine will appear because this is where Cody and May can play the Rodeo minigame.

Minigame: Rodeo

To start this minigame, Cody and May must press Y/Triangle at the two bulls. When the game begins, the bulls will attempt to knock them off. To stay on, look above the character’s head. You’ll see a button on the controller. Press that button just as the big yellow ring closes on the smaller, white ring.

If the button turns green, you’re good, and if it turns red, that’s one strike closer to falling off. Three red buttons knocks you off. The first to be knocked off loses.

Hopscotch Continued

After this, leave this area and proceed to the wall of “5” blocks. Step on the “8” block in front of it to reveal a bunch of eight blocks to climb over to the right of the 5 blocks. One person must stay on the eight block while the other crosses the eight block bridge.

The person that crossed the bridge should move forward until the find a green “5” block to stand on. Doing this unveils a path for the other person to proceed down.

This person will encoutner a yellow vertical wall, a green one, and a blue one. The person that crossed the purple “8” bridge needs to move forward until they find a big yellow button, a green one, and a blue one. Ground pounding the yellow button flattens the yellow wall so the other person can jump to it.

Do this with all three colors to reach the other side, at which point, the person running over the walls needs to stand on a blue block to reveal a path for the person that was pressing buttons to proceed over. Now that person can step on a green block so that the person on the blue block can cross over to them. Together again, head through the hole in the wall.

In the room on the other side of the tunnel, you’ll see rows of rotating, floating number blocks. The blocks rotate based on their number. First the ones, then the twos, and so on. Use this knowledge to cross the blocks i.e. if a one just rotated, don’t jump to a two because that’s about to rotate.

On the other side, you’ll find four squares with animals on them: in the upper left is a pig, in the upper right is a bear, in the bottom left is a mouse, and in the bottom right is a horse. Basically, one person will be stepping on these animal squares while the other person rides the rail on the left by them.

As the person riding the rail encounters blocks, the person standing on the animal squares will need to jump to the corresponding animal to move the block out of the rail-riding person’s way.

If the block before them is an animal not represented on a square, the rail-riding person needs to press RB/R1 to jump to a different rail.

At the end of this rail is four more animal squares, which will be used in the same way to help the other person back behind ride the rail on their right.

When both players have made it to the end of their rails, they’ll be in a room with a single cow square. Near it are some yellow jumper pads — ignore those. Instead, follow the green floor around to a tambourine you should hear. It’s a minigame.

Minigame: Feed the Reptile

To play Feed the Reptile, both players must press Y/Triangle on the shooting mechanism by the tambourine. Press Y/Triangle to pick up a ball and throw it into a reptile’s mouth by pressing RT/R2. Aim using the left and right sticks. Whoever has the most points after 30 seconds win.

Hopscotch Continued

Go back to the bounce pad and bounce your way up. Up top, both of you must grab onto the zipline and ride it down.

On this side, you’ll be what looks like a classroom. There are three homework challenges to complete: a math challenge, a memory challenge, and a drawing challenge. To complete the math challenge, Cody and May must stand on the two numbers that can be added together to create the number to the right of the equal sign.

For the memory challenge, pay attention to the fruits on the cards and where they’re located. When they’re flipped over, Cody and May must match each fruit. The placement is random so we can’t show you a solution — pay attention to the fruits and where they are.

In the drawing challenge, both Cody and May must interact with the pencil and drag it from number to number, in sequential order, to complete the drawing. After this, you’ll be flipped over to a new room.

In here, you’ll see a mouse tied to a string, a button that can be ground-pounded next to it and a floor beneath the floor Cody and May are currently on up ahead.

Head to the opposite side of the room and here, Cody and May should interact with the two red buttons. This will change the view to a top-down view.

You’ll see a cheeseball pop up on the maze. Cody and May must walk along the maze, which causes the tilt of it to shift, to move the ball from one end to the goal at the other. Complete the first maze and then the second. After this, head back up to the mouse and ground pound the button next to it. This causes the mouse to run forward after the cheese and the string attached to it to pull the door behind the mouse down.

Head on through.

In the next room, you’ll see a “1” block. Jumping onto causes a “2” block to rise up and jumping onto that causes a “3” block to rise and so on. Cody and May must jump to each sequential block at the same time to reach the other side.

In the next room over, you’ll see two levers. Pull them. This causes a yellow ledge to come out of the wall in front of you and a green ledge to do the same. Both Cody and May must jump onto those ledges and turn left and right around the corner respectively quickly so that they can wall jump to the top. Up top, jump across to the grapple and use it to reach the lever on the other side. Both Cody and May must pull these levers to open the door to the next room.

In this room, you’ll see two large, yellow buttons that can be compressed with a ground pound. Doing so causes a whoopie cushion to fill up.

One person must stand on the whoopie cushion closest to the entrance that brought you into this room and the other person must ground pound the yellow button behind it. This launches the other person into the air and while in the air, they must attach to the grapple connected to the finger up here.

They should stay hooked on because this rotates a ledge in the center of the room that has another hook attached to it. The person on the hook should aim for the whoopie cushion that hasn’t been filled yet and land on it right before the other person ground pounds its associated button. This second cushion will launch the person toward the ledge in the center with a hook attached to it.

Ride this hook around and use the two yellow buttons over here to repeat the same process for the other person. On the other side, head through the door to reach a new room.

In here, there are a couple of things you can interact with for fun — doing so won’t unlock anything or satisfy any trophies or achievements. When you’re ready to proceed, both Cody and May should interact with the wheels on the left and ride side (they’re attached to green and yellow pipes) and rotate them to shut off the ball pit waterfall. This reveals a new path forward — jump from brick to brick to proceed.

Halfway through, there’s an etch-a-sketch Cody and May can interact with if they’d like, and at the end of this pathway, there’s a minigame.

Minigame: Batting Team

To start Batting Team, Cody and May should press Y/Triangle at their respective batter of the toy. To play, press Y/Triangle when the respective ball passes in front of the batter you’re controlling. This causes the batter to hit the ball around the circle. Hit the ball again when it comes back around. Whoever has the most points at the end of 60 seconds wins the game.

Hopscotch Continued

In the same room as the Batting Team minigame, there’s an easy achievement/trophy to grab. Look for the piggy bank. Pick up the coins surrounding it and put them into the piggy bank. When it’s full, it will fall on its back. Ground pound the piggy bank to break it.

This satisfies an achievement/trophy.

After that, proceed up the yellow staircase covered in books and have both Cody and May interact with the chest. This opens it to reveal two fidget spinners. Cody and May will put these on their backs and now they can be used as helicopter blades to help them fly.

Launch up with them by pressing and holding RT/R2. You can’t exactly fly with them, but they stop you from falling right down. Glide your way to the red pipe and rotate the wheel there and then glide your way to the purple pipe and rotate the wheel there. Do this once more to the yellow pipe to completely shut off the ball pit waterfall.

Proceed through the entryway behind where the waterfall used to be.

Through here, you’ll need to ride the fidget spinner across an obstacle course. Dodge the bananas falling back and forth, go through the watermelon’s holes, and bounce from beach ball to beach ball until you reach the end.

At the end, you’ll reach a yellow platform. Both Cody and May should place their fidget spinners on the wheels on each respective side and then tap Y/Triangle repeatedly to raise the platform up.

You’ll run into Dr. Hakim up here. He’ll bring you to a new area of Rose’s Room — a kaleidoscope.

In here, look to the walls on the left and right. You’ll see a line of hexagons that doesn’t match the other colors. You need to form this line on the ground. So for the first set of lines, create a line that lines up with the walls all the way across. This allows you to proceed to the second set of walls. Here, look at the two lines on the ground and stand on the one hexagon that would connect those two lines. Now you can proceed to the purple exit.

In this new room, you’ll be in a mirror room. Do the same thing, though — connect the lines. You can see our solution (the blue line) below:

In the next room of the kaleidoscope, one player should stand on the green stairs and the other player should interact with the pink pillar in the middle. This allows them to rotate it.

Do so until the pink ledge meets the green staircase. Now the player on the staircase can climb up to the blue pillar.

They must then rotate the blue pillar to meet up with the green staircase so the player at the pink pillar can climb the staircase and reach the yellow pillar.

The yellow pillar must be rotated to meet a platform of the pink pillar. The player on the pink pillar should get on the yellow platform and the player on the yellow pillar should rotate them around to the blue ledge.

Now both players can climb up the yellow stairs and interact with the object at the top.

This takes you to the next chapter of Rose’s Room — Train Station.

Train Station

When you first begin the Train Station, you’ll see a train cart behind a barrier. Cody and May need to push the train cart forward, but that barrier is in their way. In front of the barrier is a circle with two smaller circles that look kind of like outlet plug-in holes. There’s a third one attached to a circle that interacts with the bigger circle (on the right if you’re looking at it from the cart).

There are four “dolls” scattered around this area that need to be placed onto those outlet-like circles.

  • The first doll is on a roof very close to the circle. Place it on the outlet circle closest to the train.

  • The second doll can be found behind the train up on a roof. Place that doll on the outlet circle opposite the first doll.

  • Right by the circle and to the right of the area where you found the first doll is a third doll dressed as a construction worker. Place it on the gear attached to the circle. This causes a chain reaction that opens up a small door by the train car.

  • In the far right corner of the area (if you’re looking forward from the train cart), you’ll see a conductor doll. Place it in the now-open doorway to move the barrier.

Both Cody and May should ride the train to the end of its tracks by repeatedly pressing Y/Triangle.

Dino Land

At the end, you’ll reach an arena with a giant green dinosaur. This is Dino Land. One person should hop on it and control it by pressing Y/Triangle to bite onto things, RT/R2 to move up, LT/L2 to move down, and the left stick to move left and right. You need to grab the first block along the pathway going around the perimeter of this area — there’s a red dinosaur on it — and move it down so Player 2 can get on the back of the dinosaur there.

Then, raise this platform back up.

Now the person on the red dinosaur must move along the track while the person with the green dinosaur must move obstacles from them. If the red dinosaur player presses A/X on blocks when indicated, it causes the dinosaur to do a powerful tail attack that changes the pathway before them. Have the player with the green dinosaur bite the red dinosaur to unlock the Snackosaurus achievement/trophy.

After doing that, have the red dinosaur attack the first pad. This flips the obstacle in their way to reveal a handle for the green dinosaur to bite. The green dinosaur should do that and lift the obstacle up. The red dinosaur should use their attack once more and then proceed forward under the first obstacle held up by the green dinosaur.

For the second obstacle, the red dinosaur should attack the ground. This flips over an obstacle to reveal a handle. Have the green dinosaur bite this handle and hold onto it while the red dinosaur attacks the ground again. This lets them continue forward and onto the platform in the green dinosaur’s mouth.

For the third obstacle, the red dinosaur should move forward and attack the ground. This flips the obstacle over to reveal a handle for the green dinosaur to grab. They should do that while the red dinosaur attacks the ground again and then the red dinosaur can get on the green dinosaur’s platform. The green dinosaur should take them up as both proceed to the next obstacle.

For the next obstacle, the green dinosaur should bring the red dinosaur down to the block they must attack. Don’t let the red dinosaur attack yet — the green dinosaur must go and grab one of the handles to the right of the red dinosaur and hold on while the red dinosaur attacks. The goal is to have both blocks on the right of the red dinosaur matching — so either both have handles showing or both do not have handles showing.

When that occurs, the red dinosaur should attack the block so that the platform to the left of them flips over to show its handle. Have the green dinosaur hold that handle and let the red dinosaur do its attack until both blocks to the right of it are showing handles. The green dinosaur can take the red dinosaur up and both can continue along the pathway.

The final obstacle sees May no longer on a red dinosaur. Instead, she must platform her way forward. The green dinosaur must grab the platforms they can and position them in such a way that May can move along them. Raise the first platform above the spikes so that May can jump onto the block and she must jump up to the wall and stick to it while the green dinosaur quickly grabs the moveable block to the right and places it in position for May to land on.

Continue forward until May reaches a green wall on the right. The green dinosaur must grab a wall nearby that only moves up and down. May must jump from the green wall on the right to the wall the green dinosaur is holding. The green dinosaur must then move it up high enough so that May can jump across the spikes to safety. Up top, she should press Y/Triangle to hit the meteor, which wakes the dinosaurs up.

Now proceed through on the train to reach the next area of Rose’s Room: Pirates Ahoy.

Pirates Ahoy

At the start of this chapter, Rose and May will be in charge of a pirate ship. One person controls the left wheel and the other the right wheel. To move forward, both players should push forward on the left stick. To turn, turn the left sticks in the direction you want to turn. Both players are in charge of a cannon on their respective sides that can be fired by pressing RT/R2.

You must be facing the direction of what you want to shoot to land hits and you must be somewhat close.

Proceed forward and destroy the enemies before you. They’ll be firing at you too so keep an eye out for red targets on the ship and water — make sure the boat isn’t on them or else the boat will take damage.

Keep an eye out for boxes of firecrackers. Shoot these for big explosions that damage everything nearby. You’ll need to shoot some to continue forward beyond a gate, at which point, three moving pirate ships will attack.

Take them out to continue forward, shooting octopus tentacles when they pop out of the water to dispose of them.

You’ll eventually reach the kraken, err, Giant Octopus. Time for a boss fight.

Boss Fight: Giant Octopus

When this fight starts, immediately start firing at the Giant Octopus’ face. Keep an eye out for a tentacle to pop up because these are what damages the ship. Turn quickly to face them and shoot them until they go down. Then turn back toward the octopus’ face and shoot it some more.

The tail will rotate sides — if it pops up on the left, it’ll pop up on the right next time. Remember this pattern because you can shoot an octopus tail on the right, turn left and shoot its face while passing by and then shoot the tail on the left.

Rinse and repeat until a quick cutscene begins.

After this, the octopus’ face will disappear and instead, you’ll be trapped in a whirlpool, only able to spin. A tentacle will pop up and send an explosive rubber duck at the ship. Shoot the rubber duck to make it explode and do this until they’re all gone. The main body of the octopus will pop up again after that.

This time around, multiple tentacles will come up at once. There will also be a small octopus in the water shooting cannons at the ship. This is a distraction — the cannonballs don’t actually ever hit the ship so ignore the small octopus and focus on taking out the tentacles. When they’re all destroyed, aim for the head. You’ll have a couple of seconds to shoot the head freely before more tentacles pop up.

Rinse and repeat until you take the octopus down. Congrats! Ride the train off the boat and proceed forward. Time for a new section: The Greatest Show.

The Greatest Show

In this circus room, look for the only things you can interact with — a button and a moveable block ramp. Bring the ramp close to the button and then it’ll be near the hoop on the right. Have the other player jump on the button to release a ball. That player must quickly run to one side of the ramp and now both players must move the ramp to the hoop on the right when the ball is on the ramp.

This brings the ball to the other side. Ground pound the button on the ground to the right to open the door on the right.

In here, one player must ground the button on the right while the other player must get in the yellow cage wheel and move the red tip, which will catch the ball, all the way to the right. The ball will go into the red tip and now that player can move the wheel and tip to the left, where it will fall into the other cage.

After ground pounding the button on the right, that player should run to the second cage wheel and get it ready to receive the ball. Once they have it, they’ll need to turn the wheel left to allow the ball to advance.

Once the ball reaches the end, ground pound the red button on the left. After that, you’ll need to jump across the moving carousel to reach the cannon on the other end. You’ll see some balloons with a target on them and a target in the far end within a wall. The goal is to hit the target in the wall. One player should get in the cannon and aim exactly where we are below.

When ready, the other person must press Y/Triangle to shoot them out of the cannon and hopefully into the target.

This brings up a ferris wheel that must be used to cross over to the next ground pound-able red button. Hit the button and hop onto the unicycle to the right. Both players must ride it over. Whoever is on the bottom must use the right stick to move up or down the rope by pushing left or right. You have to balance the unicycle — if it’s falling backwards, tilt forward by pressing left on the left stick and if it’s falling forward, tilt it backward by pressing right on the left stick.

After this, one person must grab onto the trapeze up ahead. The other person should ground pound red button by it to drop a ball under the trapeze person. They can grab that ball by pressing Y/Triangle. Now the other person should jump across the balloons and grab the trapeze bar on the other end.

Both players must swing back and forth to get into the right timing and when as closes as possible in the air, the person with the ball should press RT/R2 to throw the ball to the other player, who must then press RT/R2 to throw the ball into the blue funnel on the right.

Ground pound the next red button, pick up the ball, and both players should hop across the balloons up ahead to reach the other side.

On the other side, place the ball into the slingshot. Both players should then pull it back by pressing back on the left stick to throw the slingshot ammo at the balloon, which pops the balloon and drops the bridge down so the train cart can continue forward.

These tracks lead to the Magic Castle, which is a new section called Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time

In this section of the level, proceed forward under the gate’s draw bridge and you’ll be in a small plaza. Look left where a large CRT tv sits. Head over there to find a minigame.

Minigame: Birdstar

To begin this minigame, head toward the TV and interact with the blue and red figures in front of it. This is essentially Guitar Hero.

Button icons will fall down the screen and when those icons line up with the circle at the bottom of the screen, press that button to score a point. Whoever has the most points after 60 seconds wins.

Once Upon a Time Continued

After the minigame, sit by the tracks and wait for the train to pass by. Press Y/Triangle on it when it does to hop on. This unlocks the On Rails Experience achievement/trophy.

After this, feel free to explore the area. There’s tons of things to interact with, but when you’re ready to unlock another achievement, head to the back of the area where you’ll find some art easels and some paint.

There’s a printer in the corner. Both May and Cody must jump into the grinders on the back of it. This will flatten them out and unlock the Realize Your Art achievement/trophy.

With that done, we can move forward. Look up from the printer area and you’ll see a crane. Jump onto the drum nearby, grapple onto the wire, swing over to the train station on the right, and jump from there to the crane.

One person must grab the bar on the outside of the crane and move it into position with the left stick and the other person must jump into control of the crane and move the thing hanging up and down with the left stick.

Move the crane so that the thing hanging is right above the bowling ball. Pick it up and rotate it all the way around to the left so that it smashes through some towers.

Eventually, it’ll be in front of the gates. Both Cody and May must jump onto the ball and swing it back and forth to break the gates. After a couple of hits, the gate will go down and a cutscene will begin. Time for a new section.

Dungeon Crawler

After this, you’ll be in a new room and suddenly playing a Diablo-like RPG. Cody and May both have three standard move and one special move that can be used when the bar on the bottom is full.

Head forward and have Cody teleport (with A/X) to reach the other side of the gate. He should stand on the small square to open the door for May.

Proceed forward and have May use her fire dash (with A/X) across the gap and stand on the button. This will cause a fire plume to appear and Cody must freeze it and step across it.

On the other side, take out the enemies together and have Cody teleport through the gate up ahead. He should stand on the yellow square and May must quickly dash across the bridge this brings up. Both players will have their own set of enemies to defeat now.

After this, freeze the fire plumes to cross over to the next section and take out the mini-boss enemy here. They shoot three purple orbs at a time and you’ll see where they’re aimed before they’re shot.

Attack the enemy and the surrounding enemies with your entire arsenal of attacks. If the mini-boss crosses the gap on the left, May must fire dash over to it and Cody must use his long-range B/Circle attack. If the mini-boss goes into the cage on the right, Cody must teleport to it and attack the mini-boss in there.

When the mini-boss goes down, proceed forward through the gate at the top of the screen.

In the next room, destroy the gate by attacking it. This will reveal enemies in a cage that only Cody can teleport to and attack and enemies across a gap that only May can fire dash across to attack. Take them out and proceed through the corridor up ahead. Take out the enemies and you’ll eventually reach a spinning pillar of knives. When it moves forward, follow it and sit in the corner we’re in below:

Wait until the coast is clear to continue forward. Continue down this hallway, dodging the spinning blades and killing the enemies before you until you reach a fire pit with plumes that must be freezed to advance. Freeze the plumes and make your way forward over the fire, killing the enemies and dodging the spikes along the way.

When you reach the end, you’ll see two yellow squares. Stand on them and a terrifying killer doll will begin to come at you from the right side of the screen.

You must go left away from her, but in doing so, you’ll come across enemies to defeat and gates/doors to break down. Continue left all the way to the end until you see four wooden pillars that must be destroyed. Destroying those causes the doll to fall into some lava and die. Yay!

Now it’s time to defeat an immortal troll. In this arena, you’ll see a Bowser-like troll, a fiery pit in the middle, and four chains in an X formation.

The goal is to open up the fiery pit by destroying the four chains. To do that, stand in front of the wall where the chain attaches to it and have the troll charge into it.

You must do this for all four chains while dodging projectiles falling from above and other enemies in the arena. When the pit is open, have the troll charge at you over the pit to fall in and when that happens, its two hands will grab onto the arena to stop itself from falling in. Both Cody and May should attack its hands to knock the troll into the fire. When you successfully defeat the troll, a cutscene will begin.

Time for some Chess.

Boss Fight: King and Queen

This boss fight can be quite chaotic, but if you know what pieces of Chess do in standard Chess, it’s made much easier. The King and Queen are the main targets and they’re who you must attack to bring the red health bar at the top down. Attack them however you’d like to do so. The only threat they pose is that they’re constantly jumping from one square to the next. Don’t be in the square they’re going to land on.

The real threats of this boss fight are the other Chess pieces. Here’s what each does — avoid them or destroy them to prevent yourself from taking damage:

  • Knights (horses): These move forward in a straight line all the way across the board. The actual knights hurt you as do their trails of black magic that they leave behind. Stand in the line of squares the knights aren’t in to avoid taking damage.
  • Bishops (tall and slim — looks like a pillar): These charge up a large magic attack and shoot that magic in an X formation, with the actual chess piece serving as the origin spot of the attack. Make sure you’re not in that X.

  • Pawns (the smallest pieces on the board): When these pop up, They cause electricity to show outward in a square formation with the actual chess piece serving as the origin spot of the attack. Get out of this square to prevent yourself from taking damage.

Dodge these attacks and attack the king and queen until their health bar is depleted. A lengthy cutscene begins after this boss fight so sit back and relax. Time for a new section.

The Queen

So it turns out, telling Cutie the Elephant, err, the Queen, you want to kill her isn’t the way to go. She tries to escape and fails. Head up the stairs and you’ll see that there’s a cardboard claw machine up here. Control the claw with the arrows and bring the claw down by ground pounding the button in between the arrows. The goal is to pick up Cutie.

When you do that successfully, she’ll fall down the chute, but she’ll get stuck.

Run over to the chute. Cody and May must tap Y/Triangle repeatedly on Cutie’s feet to pull her down.

After this, you must drag Cutie to the edge and throw her off. This basically entails pressing Y/Triangle repeatedly over and over again. In the process, it will lose an ear and a leg and you’ll be shown why this Pixar-like game is definitely not for children to play. Poor Cutie…

A cutscene will play after knocking Cutie down. This is the end of Rose’s Room. Congrats!

Head to the next page of this guide — Cuckoo Clock — to continue this walkthrough: Cuckoo Clock.

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