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Bunny Day

Bunny Day is an annual special event held in the Animal Crossing series, although each new release has changed the holiday slightly. Here’s how Bunny Day plays out in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

  • Event dates:
  • Features a visit from Zipper T. Bunny.
  • Includes an Egg Hunt Challenge: Players need to find the six egg types which are located in trees, rivers, lakes, balloons, and rocks.
  • New Egg-based DIY Recipes: such as archways, tables, stools, and more.
If eggs and Zipper T. Bunny are not appearing for you, make sure your game has been updated to or past version 1.1.1a

Zipper T. Bunny

Zipper is a new Special Character who will visit your island during the bunny day event.

Zipper is a funny character featuring a large zipper on his back, suggesting he is actually another character or villager wearing a bunny suit. Sarcastic and humorous dialogue lines often support this theory, with Zipper complaining about being hot in his suit in Pocket Camp.


Just like in Pocket Camp, Zipper is sensitive about his suit, claiming it’s rude to call it a costume and that it is, in fact, NOT a costume.

Zipper wears an askew visor and is generally larger in size than other villagers.

He is always watching you and is often seen jumping up and down in celebration but the second you leave the frame he breaks character and is overcome with exhaustion.

How Bunny Day Works

In the lead-up to the actual Bunny Day (April 12, 2020 then April 4, 2021), Zipper will appear on your island to inform you that he’s hidden eggs all over your island. They only appear outdoors, and can be found in a variety of ways that will require you to use tools or gather resources – where eggs can sometimes take the place of normal resources or objects.

The different eggs can be used to craft unique Bunny Day recipes that are given by Zipper himself, learned by picking up eggs, or found in special egg balloon presents.

Types of Bunny Day Eggs

There are 6 types of Bunny Day Eggs in all, and each of them are found using unique methods. They include the following:

  • Leaf Eggs: A certain number of trees on your island will bear eggs instead of fruit, and you can shake the tree to earn 3 Leaf Eggs per tree.
  • Sky Eggs: In addition to regular Balloon Presents that blow into the island, there will also be Egg Balloons that blow in at a much faster rate and speed. Hitting them with a Slingshot will either produce a Sky Egg, or a Bunny Day Recipe.
  • Water Eggs: Look around the sea and rivers for medium-sized shadows in the water, that will have a chance of fishing up an egg instead of a normal fish.
  • Stone Eggs: Using a shovel or axe, strike a stone multiple times for the chance for eggs to pop out instead of normal resources found from striking stones.
  • Wood Eggs: Using any type of axe (preferably a stone one so you don’t cut it down), chop any tree – including palm trees – for a chance at getting eggs to come out instead of the normal types of wood.
  • Earth Eggs: These eggs will be mixed in with fossils in the ground, sporting the same crack in the ground, and will be buried randomly over your island each day.

April 12th Bunny Day Event and Rewards

Once the actual Bunny Day finally arrives, you will find Zipper T. Bunny back in town, residing at the Plaza, while all of your villagers will be wearing festive egg clothing for the entire day.

Zipper will have several new tasks and rewards for you that only occur on this day – and has a few new features to help you collect even more eggs.

You’ll get one more recipe for speaking with him – the Bunny Day Arch – which is part of the requirement for crafting all Bunny Day DIY Recipes in order to get a special reward. Note that Zipper will mention that if you found out how to make clothing from Bunny Day eggs, he won’t need you to craft them in order to get his reward.

You also do not have to place the crafted Bunny Day Items on the ground or in your home to qualify – just crafting the item and getting the check mark in your DIY app is enough.

To help you out with the last bit of crafting, he’ll also give you 1 type of any egg in exchange for 3 of another egg type. You can do this as much as you want, which can be helpful if you’ve been stockpiling certain types.

After crafting all applicable Bunny Day DIY projects (look for the full list in the links below), Zipper T. Bunny will have one final challenge, crafting yet another recipe for the Wobbling Zipper Toy, which requires 4 of each egg.

Craft this recipe by trading for eggs or gathering more on your island, and then return for your real reward – a Bunny Day Wand Recipe.

Tip: If you don’t want to keep your Bunny Day Wand, know that it sells for a high 11,100 Bells!

As an added bonus, you can turn in 1 of each type of egg to Zipper to get a free Bunny Day Basket item, and you can turn in as many as you want to get more baskets.

What to Do With All The Bunny Day Eggs

After you have crafted all possible Bunny Items including the Bunny Day Wand and traded six eggs for a Bunny Day Basket, you may still be sitting on a mountain of eggs. Wondering what you should do with all the eggs? Craft items and sell them, of course!

Don’t be a dummy bunny by selling the eggs for just 200 Bells each! And don’t waste eggs on more Bunny Day Baskets (they’re just worth 1,200 Bells — or, 200 Bells per egg). Craft away and get twice the return. Note that Zipper will let you exchange eggs for different types at a 3:1 ratio, but if you’re just after Bells, ignore his unfavorable exchange rate and craft any available items to maximize your income.
  • Craft any Bunny Day item from your crafting list. Each item sells at double the price than the value of its components. So, a Bunny Day Table which is made from 4 eggs, an 800 Bells value if you sold the eggs on their own, sells for 1,600 Bells.
  • The fastest way to make money on Bunny Day if you have a lot of each egg type is to make the Egg Party Dress, using 18 eggs (3x Earth Egg, 3x Stone Egg, 3x Leaf Egg, 3x Wood Egg, 3x Sky Egg, and 3x Water Egg). The dress sells for 7,200 Bells (again 400 Bells per egg).

The springtime brings new seasonal DIY recipes. You can find the full lists in the pages below:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All Bunny Day DIY Recipes

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