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Bravely Default II is a feature-rich JRPG that revives and refines many traditional elements of the timely genre. It’s a lengthy game with plenty of dungeons to explore, treasures to uncover, and jobs to mix, match, and level up.

Whether you’re stranded in the Wayward Woods, struggling to find every chest in Bernard’s House, or simply can’t stand the thought of missing a single sidequest on your way to collect the elemental crystals, follow along and make good use of the checkboxes to ensure you’re getting the most from your game.

If you need a little help getting the most out of its intricate systems, check out some of the guides below:

After a boating accident, our hero wakes up just outside the kingdom of Hacylonia. Seasoned mage Elvis and his hired mercenary Adelle take the marooned young man into the city, kicking off a tale of lost calamity-capable crystals and the heroes destined to protect them from the clutches of malicious forces.

Following a noble sacrifice, the fabled heroes are free to make haste to Savalon, where reports of the desert kingdom succumbing to a flood suggest the Water Crystal is in use. With a prince and a king missing in action, suspicions are high; between a mouthy Bard, a suspect Thief, and his rescued Beastmaster, all of whom have a chance to profit from the displaced citizens, who is to blame for the goings on: And who has the Water Crystal?


After learning of how Savalon’s troubles came to be, our heroes make their way to Elvis’ home town of Wiswald, where sightings of a shiny rock sitting atop its tower echo similarities between it and Savalon. Not just the town, but the region surrounding it has become overgrown by the blessing of the Earth Crystal. With multiple missing persons reports, the kids in town are both orphaned and homeless, with key figureheads at the Magical Institute too bewitched by a mysterious force to be of much help.

After putting a stop to some magical spells, getting poisoned by some incredibly versatile paint, and making a gruesome discovery blamed on simple color theory, it’s time to head deeper into the world. The snowy northern reaches of the region are home to a few towns beyond the city of Rimedahl: And Adelle seems more familiar with the place than she initially let on.

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