A series of Call of Duty Warzone voice lines have leaked, suggesting the game will introduce new ‘Plague’, ‘Exfiltration’ and ‘Sandbox’ modes – the latter of which might include racing activities.As spotted by PC Gamer, ZestyCODLeaks posted the news on Twitter, with a link to a video containing all of the leaked lines. They point towards a trio of new modes which could be introduced in the future, although no dates have been suggested for when they might arrive.

“We can’t lose Verdansk, find those damn zombies,” reads one of the lines related to a mooted Plague game mode. The narration talks about how “Verdansk is lost” and overrun, and there are multiple mentions of “plague zones,” the players should avoid. “Extraction cancelled, nuke inbound for Verdansk,” barks the narrator, likely when the mission has failed. The suggestion is that players will have to try and reclaim Verdansk from a zombie horde and then exfiltrate. If they fail, the map will be nuked.

There are also voice lines related to a Sandbox mode, with lines talking about “an area of operation” full of activities. The voice lines mention an obstacle course and also talk about helicopters and vehicles completing laps, suggesting a racing minigame will be implemented. One of the more curious voice lines reads “reach the finish without touching the ground,” suggesting a ‘the floor is lava’ style course will be playable.

The final mode is referred to as Exfiltration in the leaks, with lines ordering players to secure and then “protect the radio until exfil.” The radio has a “signal strength” mechanic, and the lines suggest it is an objective item that other players can carry, as one voice line is “take down the radio carrier.”

Zombies teasers started popping up in Call of Duty Warzone in early February, with Zombies landing in Verdansk with the launch of Season 2. In other Call of Duty Warzone news, Activision recently said that a 500GB PS4 may no longer be able to fit Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

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