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Core wood is the second tier of wood you’ll come across in Valheim and is required to craft more advanced weapons and gear. This section of IGN’s guide will teach you how to get Core wood in Valheim.

How to Get Core Wood

To find Core wood, you’ll need to venture to the Black Forest. This is the second biome in Valheim and contains more powerful enemies like various types of Greydwarf, as well as skeletons that wield swords or bows and arrows.

Once you make it to a Black Forest, you’ll want to locate Pine trees. These are the skinnier trees, not to be confused with the larger Fir. You can determine the tree type by walking up to it and putting your mouse cursor on its trunk.

Pine trees can be chopped with a Stone axe, so get to chopping.

Once you’ve felled the tree, continue chopping the logs and each one will break into a bundle of wood and Core wood.

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