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Flax is a rare crafting material that can be collected in Valheim while exploring the world. In this section of IGN’s walkthrough we will teach you how to get Flax.

How to Get Flax

Flax can be found in the plains biome. While this area may seem harmless upon first sight, there are dangerous enemies and animals here like Fulings and Lox.

Occasionally, you’ll come across a Fuling Village. This small encampment is home to many Fulings, Valheim’s small goblin-like creatures.

Fuling Villages are a great source of Black Metal scraps, as Fulings will drop them upon death, and you can collect them from the various chests scattered about.

There are also small patches of crops on the outskirts of the village. If you’re lucky, you’ll find Flax growing here, although Barley can be found more commonly.

Each Flax picked adds two stacks to your inventory. It’s recommended to plant some of the Flax you collect back at your base to create a sustainable source for yourself, without requiring venturing out into the plains each time you need more.

Flax can be used to make Linen thread once you have crafted a Spinning Wheel.

Looking for even more on Valheim? Now that you have found Flax, check out our complete guide on How to Use Flax here.

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