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Fancy unlocking the Ray Gun, D.I.E. Shockwave, or even the R.A.I. K-84 in Outbreak? Well, we break down the best ways that you can obtain the different Wonder Weapons in Outbreak.

Loot Chests

One of the more common ways to obtain Wonder Weapons in Outbreak is to search the different maps for hidden Loot Chests that can often be found within buildings and other random locations. These Loot Chests will normally contain everything from rare weapons, salvage, ammo, armor, and even consumables.

While these loot chests aren’t marked on your mini-map, they can be found by listening for a jingle-like noise, followed by a childish laugh. If you’re able to hear this noise, it will indicate that a loot chest can be found somewhere nearby.It’s important to remember that Loot Chests come in different rarity tiers, so don’t be surprised if you need to do a little bit of searching before you come across the rarer tier chests.

If you’re lucky, you might even come across a Golden Chest, which is the highest rarity Loot Chest that you can find. However, before you can open the chest you will be prompted to complete a random challenge.

Upon completing the challenge, you will be able to open the Golden Chest, which has one of the higher success rates for dropping Wonder Weapons.


Similar to Firebase Z, players will have the ability to complete Trials by interacting with the Trials Computer’s that can be found across the map.

Each Trial will set you back 500 points and players will have a total of five minutes in order to rack up enough points in order to reach the Legendary weapon tier reward. While reach the Legendary tier won’t necessarily grant you a Wonder Weapon, your chances of receiving it as a reward will be greatly increased.

Mystery Boxes


Yet another way to obtain a Wonder Weapon in Outbreak is to simply find and test your luck at opening Mystery Boxes. Receiving a Wonder Weapon from a Mystery Box is pure luck, however it is very much a possibility but we suggest opening them with very little expectations so you are not left disappointed.You can find Mystery Box locations on both your map and mini-map.

Megaton Zombies

Finally, your last option for obtaining a Wonder Weapon is through killing Megaton Zombies – that’s right, the same powerful Zombies from the Die Maschine Easter Egg.

Finding a Megaton Zombie can be a little challenging at first though, as they will not spawn on the map until you have completed at least four main objectives. Do keep in mind though, killing Megaton Zombies is not a guaranteed way to receive Wonder Weapons.

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