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Increasing Your Inventory Space and Character Weight in Valheim

Tired of constantly running out of inventory space and frequently becoming encumbered? As you’ll quickly learn, inventory space is very limited in Valheim as it’s particularly easy to fill up your inventory as you start to gather different supplies needed to progress in the game.

While it is entirely possible to simply make the necessary space needed by using chests, having to constantly run back and forth between your base and the area in which you’re gathering resources can become tiresome very quickly.

This is especially noticeable as you start to progress through the late-game, as items such as Dragon Eggs weigh a staggering 200kg each, which is almost your entire weight capacity if you haven’t already purchased the Megingjord from Haldor the Merchant.

So, unless you’re planning to play with a group of several friends who can help you out, you will need to make at least three trips to deliver all of the eggs to the altar in order to spawn Moder, the fourth boss you’ll encounter in Valheim.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution as players can opt to craft a cart, which will provide an additional 18 slots and does not feature a weight limit.

How to Craft a Cart in Valheim

So in order to build a Cart in Valheim, you will firstly need to ensure that you have already built a Forge and a Smelter as these are key requirements needed to craft a cart.


You will need the following materials in order to craft a Cart in Valheim:

  • 20 Bronze Nails
  • 20 Normal Wood

Now that you’ve got all the requirements, it’s time to gather all the materials. To do this, mine at least 1 Tin and 2 Copper and smelt it into a Bronze bar. You will then want to forge the bronze bar into 20 bronze nails and finally collect 20 regular wood.With your Hammer equipped, open the miscellaneous tab and build the cart.

How to Use a Cart in Valheim

Now that you have crafted your new cart, it’s time to put it to good use. 

This can be done by pressing E when inspecting the cart’s storage area to start placing your item into the back. Upon approaching the two pulling bars at the front of the cart, press E to start pulling the cart behind you.Before you get too excited, though, do keep in mind that the cart is not invincible to damage. So be sure to keep it away from water, rough terrain, rocks, and even enemies as they will target your cart and eventually destroy it.

If you’re pulling the cart through a frequently used route, we do highly recommend using a Hoe to plow a path that leads from point A to point B, as this will make traveling with a cart incredibly easier.

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