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This page is part of IGN’s Valheim Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about unlocking the ability to use Stone to construct buildings and furniture in Valheim.

How to Unlock the Stone Cutter and Build Stone Buildings

As you progress through Valheim and discover all new resources, it won’t be long before your little old wooden shack starts to feel a little outdated. So if you’re looking for a bit of an upgrade, why not try out stone and construct a number of new items that range from stone walls, stone pillars, stone floors, stone stairs, and stone arches. In order to unlock Stone, you will need to acquire a Stone Cutter. Before you can build a Stone Cutter though, we highly recommend that you defeat the Valheim’s second boss, The Elder, who can be found within the Swamp biome.

While it isn’t a requirement, defeating The Elder will reward you with a Swamp Key which can be used to unlock the gates to Sunken Crypts. Inside the Sunken Crypts, you will normally find plenty of Muddy Scrap Piles as they block the doorways throughout the crypt. Don’t be surprised to find other random items inside these piles, as you are not guaranteed to find and receive Scrap Iron every time. Sunken Crypts aren’t the only way to find Scrap Iron, so check out our full guide to How to Find Copper, Iron, Tin, Silver, Obsidian, and Black Metal Scraps for even more information.

Once you have enough Iron, return to your base and smelt two Iron Bars. Along with the two Iron bars, you will also require x10 Wood and x4 Stone. With the required materials, use your Hammer and craft the Stone Cutter.

The Stone Cutter will allow you to build stone walls, stone floors, stone pillars, stone arches, and even stone stairs. To craft even more stone related items, consider crafting a Sharpening Stone can be used to make Grinding Wheel for your Forge upgrade.

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