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How to Pack-A-Punch in the Firebase Z Easter Egg

To kickoff the Firebase Z Easter Egg, you will want to start by tackling two of the key tasks that are part of every major Zombies Easter Egg – turning on the power and activating the Pack-a-Punch machine.

To do this, follow the waypoint marker as you make your way from the Courtyard to the Atrium. Once you arrive, speak with Ravenov and discuss the deactivated Pack-a-Punch machine that’s located next to the window.

Having spoken to Ravenov, he’ll inform you that you will need to use the Teleporter to reach the Omega Base.

How to Enter the Teleporter

To reach the Teleporter, collect and use 1,250 points to unlock the door that leads to the Equipment Storage, which can be found directly opposite the Courtyard. Once inside, climb the staircase and make your way to the roof, where you will eventually reach the Teleporter.

How to Activate the Aether Reactors

Upon arriving at the Omega Base, you’ll find yourself at the Helipad. Here, you will now need to find and activate all three of the Aether Reactors, which all require 500 points each in order to activate.Once you have activated a reactor, you will be tasked with defending collection points while charging the reactors with zombie kills. As soon as charge meter is full, the reactor will ignite purple and release a blast that kills any nearby zombies.When it comes to locating the reactors, all three will be marked as waypoints on screen, but should you happen to become lost, you will find glowing Dark Aether arrows around the map to help guide you to each reactor. Listed below are the three locations in which you will find the Aether Reactors.

Aether Reactor One – Military Command:

  • From the Helipad, open the gate that leads to the Motor Pool Office for 1,000 points. From here, continue on and enter the Military Command for a further 1,250 points.


Aether Reactor Two – Mission Control:

  • From the Helipad, open the gate that leads to the Open Lot for 1,000 points. From here, enter Mission Control for a further 1,250 points.

Aether Reactor Three – Data Center:

  • From the Helipad, open the gate that leads to the Barracks. From here, enter the Data Center for a further 1,250 points.

As soon as all three Aether Reactors have been charged, you will have successfully restored the power to the map.

How to Use the Pack-A-Punch Machine

Once you’ve managed to restore the power, make your way back to the Helipad where you will return to the Courtyard. Now in order to use the Pack-a-Punch machine, simply head to the Atrium and approach the machine next to Ravenov.Here you will be upgrade any weapon that you are carrying for 5,000 points, followed by 15,000 for the second upgrade, and 30,000 for the third upgrade.

While it’s largely dependent on your weapon, PaP upgrades are a must and are vital to your success should you opt to complete the Firebase Z Easter Egg.

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