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This page contains a list of essential tips and tricks to score victory in Destruction AllStars.

  • The UI in Destruction AllStars is pretty customizable, and you can turn off pretty much any elements that you may find distracting.
  • Destruction AllStars automatically enables your controller’s microphone. You can mute your own mic by pressing the small button below the PS button (it will turn orange). If you need to mute the microphones of other players in your lobby, press the PS button on your controller, and then hit square on the card that pops up with voice chat.
  • By running over blockers on foot, you can cause them to raise up and hinder other players driving around.
  • Take note of what kind of car you’re driving and adjust your strategy accordingly. It probably won’t do you any good to chase small cars in a large truck. You just won’t catch up. On the flip side of that, if you’re trailing a large car in a small, speedy one, be patient, get up alongside it, and use your side bump to get an easy big hit.
  • In most cases, it’s better to dodge incoming vehicles when on foot rather than straight jumping. You’ll clear out faster, and a well-timed dodge can let you try and hijack the vehicle – just don’t get thrown!

  • In Gridfall, don’t be afraid to abandon vehicle if it’s not working out for you, just be mindful of your surroundings and get to high ground quickly.
  • Spending some time on foot grabbing shards at the beginning of the match may be the best option. Before the floor starts falling out, it’s much harder to get KO’s and increase your life count, so try to fill out your gauge for your special vehicle when you need it.


  • You don’t want to spend a ton of time on foot in traditional score based modes, because you won’t be able to score that many points without a car, but it’s still important to gather shards to reduce the cooldown timer on your special vehicle. You gain way more points in your special vehicle, pedestrians can’t try and steal or destroy your vehicle, and you have better options to wreck your opponents.

  • In Carnado, don’t worry about banking until you’ve built up at least 15 points. The time it costs to find another vehicle and start the process over isn’t really worth it. Even if you lose your vehicle, losing it with a low amount stored isn’t really that big of a hit, so a little patience can really pay off.
  • Ramming other cars works better by holding the stick forward – not just tapping it. Since it gives you a boost of speed, try using the forward ram to gain on opponents then side swipe with a side ram, as they are on two different cooldowns.
  • You don’t have to be in the vehicle when it hits the tornado to bank the points. Try to line up your next location, maybe on a platform to collect some shards, accelerate towards the tornado, and eject. You can let momentum do it’s work.
  • When playing in Mayhem, there’s often a powerup that gives you double points. Know where they are in each map, and make it a priority to pick it up whenever you can. It’s a good idea to time your double points pickup with your placement of your special car, so you can wrack up the points using your vehicle’s special ability.
  • When you use your character’s breaker ability, they gain the ability to double jump. Use this to navigate the environment and cross gaps that you normally would not be able to do safely. (this is especially helpful for picking up double point buffs)
  • Don’t forget to take some time to learn what your abilities actually do. You’ll get a lot more value out of them if you know when to activate them and what to do once they’re activated.
  • A car a player has escaped from is still worth points, though not as much. Still, don’t be afraid to ram anything in your way!

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