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This page is part of IGN’s The Medium Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about unlocking the door to the Niwa Resort Hotel.

How to Unlock the Door to the Niwa Hotel

Following the mysterious phone call, continue following the footsteps with your Insight ability until you reach the door to the hotel. Locked out as the door is chained shut, head right and interact with the broken window about the main door, with no way to reach the ledge above, attempt to open the door to your right. When attempting to open the door, you’ll notice a dumpster inside that you’ll allow you to reach the ledge. Failing to get inside, you’ll need to find an item that’ll double as a door handle so you can get inside the building to grab the dumpster.Heading back towards the payphone, turn right and head towards the car park. Here you’ll find a small car parked along the edge of the car park.

Note: When searching the car, you will find another postcard from the Groundskeeper’s Postcards Memo’s. This particular piece will be titled “Honest Work”.

Interact with the car and pop the trunk. Inside you’ll find a screwdriver that can be used as a makeshift door handle. Returning to the door, use the screwdriver to open the door.
After heading inside the small room, push the dumpster towards the ledge until it is close enough that you can climb on top of it and reach the ledge above the door.

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