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As of Patch 1.0.37119 on Nintendo Switch, players using the console can now use Cross Save features with the PC, to transfer their save files to either Steam or Epic. Below you will find the list of steps needed to enable this feature:

Be sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet when following these steps – either through a Wifi connection or plugged into your dock with a LAN connection USB adapter.

  1. Make sure your Switch version of Hades is up to date with the current version. Press + when selecting the game on the Switch main menu and select update game to be sure.
  2. In the main menu for Hades, select the option for Cross-Saves.
  3. Connect your preferred PC platform account, linking your account to either Steam or the Epic Store. Remember that if you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled, you may need your phone or email handy to login.
  4. Once the game has confirmed the accounts are linked, simply pause and quit the game to begin the process of automatically uploading data.

At this point, you’ll want to make sure that either Steam or Epic has cloud saving enabled in your settings, so that it can start uploading the files when you go to play on PC.

Please note that if you already have save files on both versions, it may ask if you want to overwrite with the most recent save – if both save files are under the same profile slot. You can circumvent this by manually changing the name of the files on your PC, located in Documents > Saved Games > Hades. For example, renaming Profile1.sav to Profile2 or Profile3 will allow the Switch’s first profile to be set in the first slot without overwriting any of your PC files.

This will also work both ways, as playing on the PC after linking your account will also prompt cloud files to be transferred back to your switch!

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