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This portion of the Cyberpunk 2077 guide explains how to get Johnny Silverhand’s gun, Johnny Silverhand’s porsche, and how to unlock the required side quest 9side job) Chippin’ In

How to Get Johnny Silverhand’s Gun

Here’s a quick overview on how to get Johnny Silverhand’s Gun and his Porsche

  1. Unlock the Chippin’ In Side Job (Side Quest) by completing the side job Tapeworm which consists of 4 dialogue sequences that occur automatically after 4 main jobs in the campaign: Automatic Love, Transmission, Life During Wartime, and finally Search and Destroy.
  2. Go to the Afterlife and speak to Johnny at the club’s entrance to start the side job.
  3. Continue the mission, during it you will be instructed to pick up Johnny’s gun. It’s yours!

How to Get Johnny Silverhand’s Porsche

This occurs in the same Side Job: Chippin’ In and is a continuation of the steps above.

  1. After defeating Grayson, you have to decide his fate. Let him live by selecting “Got lucky today” and he will give you a key to a special reward (the porsche).
  2. Lower the large container hanging from the crane by pressing the control panel button at the top of the nearby ladder. Head to the container and open it for the car. It’s yours!
  3. Continue until the mission is completed.

Choice: An Epitaph for Johnny’s Grave

This mission requires you to make a choice for what epitaph to select on Johnny’s Grave. The choice affects your options when it comes to the game’s ending. For more on this check out our Cyberpunk Endings page.

  • The Guy Who Saved My Life – will give another Side Job called Blistering Love which needs to be completed to get one of the game’s endings.
  • Terrorist and Raging Asshole – ends the side quest line here.

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