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Here at IGN, we already have a video guide on how to take out each of the enemy types you’ll encounter across Immortals Fenyx Rising, so be sure to check that out below.

Aside from that, there are a few general tips which will help you across the whole game, not just on specific enemies.


It sounds simple, but dodging is the key to a lot of battles Feynx faces. More than that, you can unlock an ability which makes your next attack after a dodge even stronger, which can really turn the tide.

Dealing With Shield Enemies

As you go on, you’ll meet enemies who protect themselves with shields. The best way to attack these is from above or below with Godly Powers. Another trick though is to use Apollo’s Arrow, and try to aim for their foot under their shields. It still does a lot of damage, and is a sneaky way to get a hit in.

Apollo’s Arrows


Speaking of, using Apollo’s Arrows slows down time, so you can aim more precisely without worrying about being taken out. Use it to get the first hit on an enemy around a corner, or get a precision headshot when needed.

Build Up Your Stamina

A lot of your success in the game comes back to Stamina, and for combat, it’s used for Godly Powers, so you’ll want to keep clearing Vaults so it’s topped up.

Improve Your Weapons

At the Hall Of Gods, you can improve your weapons so they do more damage. As the game goes on, it’s imperative that you keep improving your axe and sword. You upgrade the weapon type (axe) rather than any specific one, so don’t worry about changing weapons as you find cooler ones.

You’ll be spending a lot of time exploring the map in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and aside from just surviving it (that’s more a job for Combat Tips), here’s how you can get the most out of exploration.

Far Sight

From each of the four statues of the map, you’ll need to scout to continue the storyline. While up here though, be sure to use Far Sight to examine the world below. Doing this will allow you to move the camera around and find all the chests, Ambrosia, and every other secret of the region.

Don’t glide

Sometimes, you might need to glide across to ledges or platforms, but there’s always the big temptation to use gliding from a high, fast travel point to get around faster. However, doing this will skip a lot of crucial content. You’re better off going on foot, as this will let you find secrets you didn’t find when scouting, find a mount, or just encounter enemies which drop important shards.

Get a mount

Speaking of mounts: get one. If you’re going to take the advice to avoid gliding and fast traveling, having a mount means you can travel faster while still not missing out on ground content. There is a purple unicorn in the south of Valley of the Eternal Spring, which can be found early and has three stamina bars. However, it is hard to find, so be ready to search.

Glide onto a mount

If you are gliding, holding the mount button while you’re low enough will cause Fenyx to drop out of the sky onto the mount. No real bonus here, just looks cool. Enjoy!

Quick swim

Fenyx will have to go in the water at certain sections, either to solve puzzles or to explore. Once you have dash swimming unlocked, know that this is even faster if Fenyx is underwater.

Hit vaults early

Vaults give you Lightning, which gives you Stamina. You’ll use up Stamina in combat, for puzzles, and while traversing the open world, so it’s a very useful resource. It’s arguably more useful even than HP, because at least you can adjust the difficult or change tactics if you keep losing health. With Stamina, you’ve got what you’ve got, with no way to change except the hard way.

Take pictures of puzzle solutions

Little bit of a nice cheat here. While our walkthrough and vault guide is here to help, there are a few puzzles which rely on you remembering some visual cues. If you take a picture of the solution, depending on what console you’re using, you can quickly call the image up to double check it. PS5 is best for this, but it can also work on Xbox. On the Switch, you have to leave the game to check it, but it can still be helpful.


Specific Chest types contain specific items inside, alongside the usual Adamantium Shards:

  • Plain Chests have 3 Golden Amber (used for Potion upgrades)
  • Epic Chests contain armor and helms
  • Guarded Chests contain weapons
  • Night Chests contain Midnight Fragments

Check out the Chest Locations page for advice on which chests contain the best gear.

As well as generally exploring the open world, Fenyx has a lot of climbing, gliding, and platforming to do. Here, we’ll take a look at how to make sure Feynx can traverse quickly and safely.

Use the shadow

A classic platforming trick this one. Whenever Fenyx jumps, there’s a shadow beneath them. Use this to make sure you never miss a platform.

Triple jump

While Fenyx can unlock a double jump skill, if you combine this with Ares’s Wrath, which shoots you up in the air, it can become a triple jump. This handy tip will ensure even those hardest to reach platforms can be ascended. You should do this in the middle (so jump, Wrath, double jump), as Fenyx’s movements are less restricited with jumps.

Hold to jump

Whether you’re holding X or A, the longer you hold the jump button, the higher you jump. For some crucial jumps, this extra boost makes all the difference. Make sure to hold for double jumps too.

Phosphor’s Clone

We mention this as an important skill in the Hall Of Gods guide, but it’s worth repeating here. If you’re ever stuck in any vaults (remember our Vaults of Tartaros Solutions are there too), use Phosphor’s Clone to have some extra weight on pressure pads.

Keep it on the screen

The telekenesis grab only works when an item is on the screen. If it’s in reach but off screen, Fenyx won’t grab it until you move the camera around, so bear that in mind.

Stick with the gimmicks

Aside from the game’s final vault, which combines different ideas, every vault has a single gimmick. That could be rolling a ball, shooting targets, stacking boxes… whatever. The important thing is that it’s the same. So when the first puzzle shows you how it works, just remember that the more complex puzzles in that vault will use the same mechanics.

The Hall Of Gods is your central hub, unlocked after the Prologue in Clashing Rocks. As far as the main story goes, you’ll need to return here intermittently to help out the God which arrive, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Aphrodite’s Beauty Chair

This allows you to change Fenyx’s appearance any time you wish. There are no limits on how often you change, and it doesn’t cost anything.

River Styx Cistern

This is where you can spend your Coins of Charon, on Godly Powers or regular Skills. There’s none which are a waste of money, but there are definitely some more important than others. We recommend buying the skills below first.


  • Double Jump
  • Glide Boost
  • Axe/Sword Sprint Attack – whichever weapon you favor
  • Swim Dash

Godly Powers

  • Ares’s Wrath: Multi Hits
  • Phosphor’s Attack: Phosphor’s Clone
  • Hephaistos’s Hammer: Forward Shockwave

Bench Of Zeus

This is where you can spend your Lightning to upgrade your Stamina. You get more Lightning the more Vaults you complete, so check out our Vaults Of Tartaros Solutions.

Kylix Of Athena

This is where you spend Ambrosia to upgrade your Health. Check out our Ambrosia Locations to max out Fenyx’s HP.

Forge Of Hephaistos

This is where you can upgrade your equipment. Arrows and Potions cost Blue and Yellow shards, Armor and Helmets cost Blue and Purple shards, while Bows, Swords, and Axes cost Blue and Red shards.

Cauldron Of Circe

Here, you can convert raw materials into potions, or use Golden Amber to upgrade the potency of potions. Golden Amber is found in chests.

Hermes’s Heroic Task Board

This is where you can find – and claim the rewards for – Hermes’s Heroic tasks, there are 36 in total, with 10 Combat, 8 Vault, 10 Exploration, and 8 Myth Challenge tasks. There’s a full breakdown in the Hermes’s Heroic Task Board guide.

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